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Global Foundation

   "Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation"


* Target : Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos (8 Countries)


* Track :  Master, PhD, Integrated Master-PhD


* Major : Future New Industrial Area, Natural Sciences or Engineering(Information, Intelligence, Technology, Bio Health, Energy related),

               Korean Language, Korean Studies, Economics, Business etc.


* Goal   : To foster Korean-ASEAN Countries cooperative developing talented students in the future


* How to apply : through Korea University Graduate School International Admission 



                            - Please contact your applicable department in advance when you apply for this based on the above majors



                            - Spring / Fall semester during online application period




* Coverage : Tuition fee(100%), Living expenses(about USD 900 /1month), Arrival support(about USD 2,200 - only 1 time payment)


                         Scholarships are available for Master(within 4 semesters), PhD(within 8 semesters), Integrated Master-PhD(within 10 semesters)



  "2020 Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT):

for ASEAN Faculty Members Enrolled in Graduate Programs"


Target : Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Singapore (10 Countries)


Track :  PhD


* Major : Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering 





  -KCUE requirements

      ◦ Applicants who have a citizenship of an ASEAN country, and is a professor working at a university in his/her home country.

      ◦ Applicants who are lecturing at a 4-year college/university * level of HEI: bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

      ◦ Applicants who have a highest educational attainment is a master’s degree or its equivalent.

      ◦ Applicants who are in good health both physically and mentally to allow then to pursue their study while residing

         in Korea for the long term.

      ◦ Applicants who have discussed about their study leave with the university they originally belong to, as well as about

          how to contribute to their school after their return.

      ◦ Applicants who is younger than 45 years old as of the day that the doctoral course starts.

      ◦ Applicants who have sufficient level of proficiency in Korean language or English.


  -University requirements

      ◦ Applicants who meet the university’s additional requirements


* How to apply : through Korea University Graduate School International Admission 



                            - Spring / Fall semester during online application period




Procedure to Complete Submission


   。 Submit  the  following  documents  through  the  university  submission  portal:  

- Admission application form
- Recommendation letter from professors from previous institution
- Certificate of Master’s degree and official transcript
- Study  plan /resume/ curriculum vitae
- Certificate of an applicant and his/her parents’ nationality and certificate of family  relation - A  photocopy of your  passport
- Certificate of authorized medical Exam  (issued  within 1year)
-  The  original  official  score  of  TOEFL  iBT  80(or  above),  IELTS  5.5(or  above),  TEPS  550(or  above) or TOPIK level 3(or above)

※  All required  forms are downloadable from the website
※  Only  original documents are acceptable

   。 Submit  two additional documents below via email: aseanace@korea.ac.kr
- Permission for study abroad  (please  request a form via  the email  above  if needed) 
- Applicant agreement (please request a  form via  the email above if needed)


* Award Benefits


  -Scholarship Period

       ◦ 3 years of Doctoral programs (September 1. 2020 ~ August 31.2023)

  - Benefits

       ◦ Roundtrip travel (one time only): Round-trip economy class ticket.

       ◦ Monthly Allowance: 1,100 USD per month.

       ◦ Relocation (Settlement) Allowance (one time only): 300 USD upon arrival

       ◦ Tuitions: All admission fees are waived by the host institution.

       ◦ Dissertation Printing Costs: 400~600 USD, depending on the actual costs.

       ◦ Language Training Fee and Medical Insurance: the amount coverage or benefits will vary depending on each university.

       ◦ Others: various incidental allowance depend on universities



* Selection Procedures


The selection process for scholars will proceed in three steps.

◦ (1st Selection) applicants must be selected by one of the designated universities.

◦ (2nd Selection) applicants who passed the first step must be assigned by the KCUE and be endorsed the list of the grantees by SOM-ED

◦ (3rd Selection) applicants who passed the second step must gain admission from a university.

* Applicants must apply for this program through only one university. Applicants who submit applications to more than one university will be disqualified immediately.


*Selection Criterion


◦ All documents including transcript, self-introduction, study plan, certificates of language proficiency (Korean and/or English), recommendations, published papers and awards, etc., will be evaluated by the university.

◦ Applicants should consult with the university they originally belong to (or with their Ministry of Education) very thoroughly about their study leave for the duration of their doctoral study in Korea, and how to contribute to their school when they return home after finishing their studies in Korea.

◦ Applicants must submit a letter that contains the official seal of their university president confirming their employment status at the university, as well as his/her approval on studying in Korea.



*Application Submission


Place of Submission: University Admission’s Office

One of the 6 designated universities accept applications directly from an applicant. KCUE accepts only the recommended by universities

Deadline of Submission: The date will be decided by each university


through Korea University Graduate School International Admission 



Selection Schedule

◦ Application Period: decision by each university

◦ Official Physical Examination: decision by each university (completed by candidates themselves)

◦ Announcement for Final Grantees: the end of June (notified by the university in person and KCUE websites)

◦ Entry into Korea: until August 31

◦ 2020 1st Semester Course: September 1st


For further information, please contact:

◦ University Admission: Refer to University Information

◦ The guideline, and university information will be available at the website of KCUE (www.kcue.or.kr), and entrusted domestic universities.

◦ Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) www.kcue.or.kr

‣ 대교협 홈페이지(Korean website): 게시판 → 공지사항 → Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT)

‣ 대교협 홈페이지(English website): News → Higher Education News → Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT)