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No Title Writer Views Date
Korea University makes quantum leap towards world’s top 50 일반대학원 1310 2020.06.17
QS World University Rankings by Subject KU among the top 100 in 27 disciplines, and first among private universities in Korea 일반대학원 1347 2020.03.19
KU ranks No. 1 in the 2020 QS Asia University Rankings among private universities in Asia 일반대학원 1401 2020.01.31
Seven of KU faculty members were selected as the most influential researchers in the world in 2019, the most recorded am 일반대학원 1361 2020.01.02
Value creation through convergence and specialization 일반대학원 2136 2019.08.22
60 KU Newsroom KU News News Home Education Research General International Events Development Fund KU Media Notices Research Print zoom expansion reduction T 일반대학원 14 2020.09.22
59 Alzheimer's disease can be diagnosed with a drop of body fluid Nano biosensor developed for multiplexed femtomolar detection of key biomarkers 일반대학원 42 2020.09.18
58 Device dissolves completely in the body on its own after delivery Team led by Prof. Koo Ja-hyun develops wirelessly controlled, bioresorbable drug delivery plat 일반대학원 77 2020.09.17
57 The world’s first in vivo nano-coding control system was developed. This precise system will allow the development of novel implant materials. 일반대학원 77 2020.09.17
56 Professor Chi Sung-wook’s Team Publishes an Article in Nature, the World’s Top Journal, with a Single Corresponding Author. 일반대학원 70 2020.08.25
55 Food waste and livestock manure to be used in the large-scale production of high-efficiency CO2 adsorbents 일반대학원 265 2020.08.25
54 Development of a new concept reserve battery that can be folded like paper and preserved long-term 일반대학원 280 2020.07.23
53 “A stride toward early diagnosis of lung cancer based on nanotechnology” 일반대학원 245 2020.07.23
52 Development of active-matrix full-color flexible OLED based on two-dimensional semiconductors 일반대학원 413 2020.07.23
51 The research team led by Professor Jeong Kwang-seob of the Department of Chemistry 일반대학원 334 2020.07.07