Course Registration Guideline

for 2018 Fall Semester of Graduate School

l. The Period of Registration and Add/drop

1. Registration: 10:00 AM, 21 Aug.(Tue) ~ 5:00 PM, 23 Aug. (Thu), 2018

2. Add/drop : 10:00 AM, 6 Sep.(Thu) ~ 5:00 PM, 7 Sep.(Fri), 2018


. How to Register

1. Access to exclusive URL for course registration(,

   and then choose 'Graduate School' and '2nd Semester'.

2. Guidance of Research: Guidance of Research should be chosen every semester according to the below division.

<Division of 'Guidance of Research'>

(1) Current Students: DKK500-division (Title: Guidance of Research)

(2) Graduate Students in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in

Biomicrosystem Engineering, and those who are in the 2nd or above semester of Science 

and Technology Studies : DKK510 for Research of Guidance 1, and DKK520 for Research

of Guidance 2, 1 credit per each course

(3) Completed research graduate students: DKK-600 (Title: Tutorial Research after Completion of Course Work)

Except for Guidance of Research credits, students who completed course works are

not allowed to take other courses


. The Confirmation of Course Register

1. After finishing online registration under the guidance of advisor and the head of the department, please confirm your courses at KUPID-Information Depot-Course Information-

Course Registration. If any problems, then you must correct them within the period of 

add/drop. (New students will be able to access to KUPID after the beginning of the semester.)

2. If your course is closed after the period of add/drop, you can change your courses at the academic affairs office of your college.

3. You are not allowed to register, add and drop courses after the period of add/drop.


IV. Caution for Course Registration

1. Online registration must be done by him/herself.

2. Please be aware that any opportunities to register will not be given to those who did not complete the process during the period of registration and add/drop.

3. After finishing course registration, you must check (or print) the screen at KUPID whether the courses were correctly input or not.

4. Those who will return to the graduate school are expected to finish their registration in the given period. Also, the registration will be officially approved after finishing your application process to return to the school.

5. Please accurately check the academic number of courses you intend to undertake. If the course is not officially registered due to any reason such as putting a wrong number, it will not be acknowledged without any exception.

  6. Graduate students are not allowed to retake the same course previously taken. If do so, the

course will be seen as duplicate and cannot be officially acknowledged. You can only retake

the course if you had a failing mark before.

7. You can review your results at 'Information Depot' section of the KUPID system.

8. Aside from major courses, every student has to apply for Guidance of Research(DKK500), 2 credits in each semester, so that you must acquire total 8 credits for 4 semesters. Please check whether the course is automatically registered, and change it only if it is incorrect.

9. Graduate students in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in Biomicrosystem Engineering, and those who are in the 2nd or above semester of Science and Technology Studies have to apply for both DKK510(Guidance of Research 1) and DKK520

(Guidance of Research 2) complying to their 'double-advisor system'.

10. Maximum limit of applied credits per semester is up to 12, and it can be 15 if including prerequisite courses (Eligible for school year's students before 2010) or advisor designated courses (Eligible for school year's students after 2010). (Excluding credits of Guidance of Research).

11. If you take any non-prerequisite courses from the undergraduate level, the credit will not be acknowledged. Prerequisite or advisor designated courses are not included in your major courses, and will be marked on your report card as elective courses.

12. As from the first semester in the year 2008, 'professional development in teaching' is open for doctorate candidates, so please apply for it if interested. (20 students in CTL810-00 course)

13. If you retake the same course or a retroactive course, the credit will not be acknowledged in any case. In addition, students in Ph. D. course are not allowed to register again any class completed in his or her Master course.

14. If taking a prerequisite course or an advisor designated course, please input the correct course number referring to undergraduate timetable, and clearly put the course as 'prerequisite' or 'advisor designated course'.

<Within 15 credits including graduate courses>

15. Please note that course classifications (major, prerequisite, guidance of research and advisor designated course) must be correct. You may be disadvantaged if the credit is not acknowledged by incorrect input.


 16. The length of class period

Anam Campus

1st Period: 9:00~10:15 (75 Min.) 2nd Period: 10:30~11:45 (75 Min.)

3rd Period: 12:00~12:50 (50 Min.) 4th Period: 13:00~13:50 (50 Min.)

5th Period: 14:00~15:15 (75 Min.) 6th Period: 15:30-16:45 (75 Min.)

7th Period: 17:00~17:50 (50 Min.) 8th Period: 18:00~18:50 (50 Min.)

Sejong Campus

1st Period: 9:00~ 9:50 (50 Min.) 2nd Period: 10:00~10:50 (50 Min.)

3rd Period: 11:00~11:50 (50 Min.) 4th Period: 12:00~12:50 (50 Min.)

5th Period: 13:00~13:50 (50 Min.) 6th Period: 14:00-14:50 (50 Min.)

7th Period: 15:00~15:50 (50 Min.) 8th Period: 16:00~16:50 (50 Min.)

Break time: 15 minutes after 75 minute class, 10 minutes after 50 minute class

17. Time and place of course can be changed depending on the circumstances.

18. If you have any questions about course registration, please contact to the academic affairs team of your college, or to the Office of Information Technology and Service(3290-4175) if there is problems in registration system.


V. According to domestic academic exchange program, you can cross-register at total 15 institutes including Kyung Hee University, University of Science and Technology, Seoul National University, University of Seoul, Seoul Women's University, Sookmyung Women's University, Yonsei University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea National Defense University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Duksung Women's University, The Academy of Korean Studies, Sungkyunkwan University, Hanyang University and University of Ulsan.

Please check the timetable on their own homepages. A guide to Academic Exchange Program

will be posted on the notice board of KUPID.

Please refer to Chapter 4 of the General Graduate School Rules for Operation

(School Regulations for Graduate Schools).


VI. In the case of specialized graduate school of Korea University, you can apply for Graduate School of International Studies, Graduate School of Information Protection Studies, Green School, Medical School, Graduate School of Convergence Information Technology, Graduate School of Information Management and Security.

It is allowed to take maximum of 6 credits of courses relevant to your major. (You can only take

them within the range of credit acknowledgement, and you are not allowed to apply for courses

not associated with your major, such as language courses.)

1. Register: In the period of course registration, you must complete your online registration, and fill out and submit a 'request form of exchange program of exchange program in the university' to the academic affair team of your college with permission from your advisor and head of department.

2. Credit Acknowledgement: It is acknowledged as major course, and total amount of acknowledged credit cannot exceed a half of minimum credit required for completion.

(However, total amount of acknowledged credit including any case of credit acknowledgement listed on 'Constitution of the Graduate' cannot exceed a half of minimum credit required for completion.)


VII. Korean Language Program for International Graduate Students

1. Applicant: Any international students of Graduate School excluding undergraduate students

2. Course Registration: On-line registration should be completed by each applicant during the period of registration or add/drop. The credits from this program are not included in major credits, and students are required to change his/her class numbers during the period of add/drop if the class is divided. <Inquiry: KU Foreign Language Center (02-3290-1453)>

3. Classes in Seoul Campus (Course Number/Number of Class/Credit(Hours))

(1) IFLS 108-50/ 한국어 초급(BEGINNER'S KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours)

(2) IFLS 110-50/ 한국어 중급(INTERMEDIATE KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours)

4. Credit (Hours): 3credits (6hours)

5. Division of Classes (Procedure): Quota for a division is set to 25 students per one class, and the class can be divided if the number of students exceeds 30. (Placement test will be conducted during the first week after course registration. Classes will be divided after approval of the application for course division.)

6. Classes will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 8:15 PM (75minutes) in Woodang Hall.

7. This Korean Language program is not considered as a way to pass the Korean Language Examination for graduation of Graduate School.

8. Classes in Sejong Campus (Course Number/Number of Class/Credit(Hours))

(1) SLSC 221-00/ 한국어초급1(BEGINNER'S KOREAN I)/ 3credits (3hours)

(2) SLSC 222-00/ 한국어초급2(BEGINNER'S KOREAN II)/ 3credits (3hours)

<Inquiry: Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education (044-860-1901)>



You can apply your Single ID at KUPID:

Any notice from the Graduate School: