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Graduate School News

No Title Writer Views Date
KU ranked first among Korean universities in 2021 QS Asia University Rankings 일반대학원 3084 2020.12.09
Korea University makes quantum leap towards world’s top 50 일반대학원 2331 2020.06.17
QS World University Rankings by Subject KU among the top 100 in 27 disciplines, and first among private universities in Korea 일반대학원 2361 2020.03.19
Value creation through convergence and specialization 일반대학원 3088 2019.08.22
80 Professor Lee Seong-whan’s team publishes paper in Science Advances World’s first homeostatic biosensor that imitates leaf epidermis 일반대학원 86 2021.04.19
79 Graphene’s ‘Love of Water’ Depends on Its Thickness 일반대학원 43 2021.04.14
78 Team develops 1nm thin films inspired by interstitial metal 일반대학원 127 2021.04.06
77 Korea University-Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology Joint 일반대학원 197 2021.03.12
76 Professor Park Hong-gyu’s Group Develops Technology for Controlling the Position and Polarization of a Single-Photon Emitter 일반대학원 165 2021.03.01
75 Professor Ok Yong-sik Becomes the First Asian Elected Co-Editor-in-chief of 일반대학원 159 2021.02.26
74 Development of a high frequency supercapacitor based on highly concentrated aqueous electrolytes 일반대학원 173 2021.02.08
73 ‘Stretching and Shrinking’, the commercialization of patient-specific customized treatments is approaching 일반대학원 202 2021.02.03
72 Protein corona is investigated for use in an Alzheimer's treatme... 일반대학원 300 2021.02.02
71 Prof. Seong Tae-yeon elected Editor of IEEE Electron Device Lett... 일반대학원 332 2021.02.01