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Dean's Welcome

As it approaches its 70th anniversary, The Graduate School of Korea University subscribes to the value of "Education via Research", and has aspired to become an educational institution that develops intellects with the highest level of expertise since its establishment in 1949.


The knowledge produced and shared by the Graduate School consists of theoretical insight that broadens our understanding of this world and the truths within it, as well as practical knowledge that directly transforms our reality into something much better.


The 4th Industrial Revolution will change our lives to an unprecedented extent, and artificial intelligence and information technology will fuse with new technologies to create completely different industries and services around the world. It is our goal to cultivate talented students to lead the process of change beyond merely responding to these intellectual requirements.


The school offers educational and research programs both as separate individual disciplines and as integrated programs combining multiple disciplines, while also investing resources into cooperative education and research programs designed in consultation with private sector industries and other external organizations.


You can be assured that the Graduate School of Korea University is well aware of its responsibility to help its students respond to the ever-increasing demands for producing higher-level knowledge, while staying true to our school motto of searching for truth, achieving justice, and spreading libertyLibertas, Justitia, Veritas.


It is our utmost pleasure to welcome you, the leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution, to the exciting reality and aspirations of the Graduate School of Korea University.


Prof. HeungSuk Choi


Dean of the Graduate School