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01 Q. When the Course starts?

A. Spring Semester begins in March and Fall Semester begins in September.

02 Q. What is Time Limits of Course of Study?

A. Master's Degree duration of Coursework is 2 years, Integrated Master-Doctoral Degree is 4 years, Doctoral Degree is 2 years. Duration of Coursework means Minimum period of registration for graduation. Integrated Master-Doctoral Degree duration of coursework can be shortened as 3 years.

03 Q. Whom should I contact for detailed information about individual courses, program curricula, and academic advisors?

  1. Please contact the particular department in charge of the program you are interested in. Contact information can be found on our website and in our leaflets.

04 Q. How many courses are available in English?

  1. It varies by program. Overall, roughly 40% of all courses offered at KU are in English.

  2. The Composition of language(Korean or English) is different based on what kinds of Departments, majors and subject basically.