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01 What is GKS(Global Korea Scholarship)?

A. GKS(Global Korea Scholarship) is Korean Government Scholarship Program which the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) under the Korean Ministry of Education plans to offer scholarships to nationals of participating countries.

Application guidelines and further information for interested applicants are available on NIIED’s “Study in Korea” website at www.studyinkorea.go.kr >Scholarships>GKS Notice.

B. It is separate from the admission and schoarship program from Korea University so you can apply both GKS and KU International admission and finally you can choose one of program as successful candidate.

C. GKS Track is divided into Embassy or Univerisy(KU) Track and if you once enter KU as GKS scholarship students, you can't give up or change your status to general KU students as KU scholarship. It means you should preserve your conditions of GKS beneficiary from the accetance of NIIED. More informations are shown at http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/GKS.do.

02 Q. When do you provide scholarships?

  1. Admission scholarships are automatically offered to those who selected as scholarship recipients for the first semester. For each subsequent semester, you need to apply for a scholarship. Timelines and details (e.g. previous semester’s GPA, language proficiency test scores, etc.) can be found on the notice boards of the KU Graduate School’s website and the KU Portal.

03 Q. How do you select scholarship recipients? Once selected, how will I receive a scholarship?

  1. Scholarship recipients are selected by each department through internal screenings. If you have been offered a scholarship, your tuition form will show only the remaining fee, excluding the portion of your scholarship.