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Achievement Awards




The Graduate School Achievement Awards are given to graduate students who demonstrate excellence in academic or social achievements, and are meant to be encouragement towards even higher aspirations in academia. It is also a representation of the epitome of Korea University’s graduate students’ abilities as presented to society at large.


1. Award Content


Certificate and prize


2. Award Date


February of each year


3. Eligibility for Award


  1. Graduate students who have authored either a research paper that has been published in a major academic journal or a research publication that has great academic influence.
  2. Graduate students who have been awarded prizes at esteemed domestic or international competitions related to his/her area of study.
  3. Graduate students are judged to have created important social capital in the areas of entrepreneurship, invention, or patent.
  4. Graduate students who have shown high achievement in leadership or other areas related to his/her area of study.
  5. Current students who have finished their course work can also apply (students who plan to receive their degrees in February are eligible for application).


4. Application documents


  1. Recommendation letter by Academic Advisor or Head of Department (1 copy)
  2. Application by graduate student (1 copy)
  3. Other materials as necessary


5. Application process


Necessary application forms must be filled out and submitted along with other necessary materials to the person in charge.



*  For more inquires, please contact at graduate2@korea.ac.kr.