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Prof. 김유경 (YooKyung Kim)

Tel: 3290-2328

E-mail: yookyung_kim@korea.ac.kr

세부전공: 식품학 (Food Chemistry) 

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    2004. 5. University of Georgia 식품공학과 이학박사

    1999. 2. 고려대학교 대학원 가정학과 가정학 석사 (식품영양학)

    1996. 2. 고려대학교 사범대학 가정교육과 가정학사





    2008. 3 - 현재 고려대학교 사범대학 가정교육과 교수

    2007. 1 – 2008. 2. USDA-ARS (Albany, CA) Research Food Technologist

    2004. 7 – 2006. 12. USDA-ARS (Athens, GA) Research Food Technologist

    2004. 5 – 2004. 6. University of Georgia Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    2003 & 2004 spring University of Georgia Teaching Assistant

    2001. 1 – 2004. 5. University of Georgia Research Assistant



    학회 및 사회봉사 활동


    Peer Review for Journals, 2005-2007

    Journal of Food Quality, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation





    Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

    Council for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (CNIRS)


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    Publications (Within 3 years)

    Effects of moisture content on mechanical properties, transparency, and thermal stability of yuba film, Food Chemistry, 2018, 243, 202-207.
    Chemical composition, water vapor permeability, and mechanical properties of yuba film influenced by soymilk depth and concentration. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2017,doi: 10.1002/jsfa.8648.


    HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) as a fat replacer improves the physical properties of low-fat tofu. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2017, 97, 3720-3726.


    북한 식생활 영역의 용어 연구를 통한 북한 식생활의 이해. 한국가정과교육학회지, 2017, 29, 1-13.


    청소년들의 체형인식에 따른 영양소 섭취실태 및 정신건강 (국민건강영양조사 자료를 이용하여), 한국가정과교육학회지, 2017, 29, 93-109.


    청소년 고카페인 음료 섭취빈도와 정신건강의 관련성 연구, 한국식생활문화학회지, 2017, 32, 66-74.


    탈북청소년들을 위한 가정생활교육프로그램의 개발과 평가, 한국가정과교육학회지, 2016, 28, 41-57.


    Prediction of plasma caffeine concentrations in young adolescents following ingestion of caffeinated energy drinks: a Monte Carlo simulation. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2015. 174, 1671-1678.


    Cookies Formulated from Fresh Okara using Starch, Soy Flour and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose have High Quality and Nutritional Value. LWT – Food Science and Technology, 2015. 63, 660-666.


    Effects of HPMC (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) on oil uptake and texture of gluten-free soy doughnut, LWT – Food Science and Technology, 2015, 62, 620-627.


    Change in texture improvement of low-fat tofu by means of low-fat soymilk protein denaturation, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2015, 95, 1000-1007.


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    Decreased fat accumulation in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes treated with extracts of heat processed soy flour and breads, International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2014, 49, 759-767.  


    Pectin as a bioactive polysaccharide-extracting tailored function from less, Food Hydrocolloids, 2014, 42, 251-259


    성인초기 여성의 골밀도, 생화학적 골표지자 및 골건강 관련 요인, Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing, 2014, 44, 504-514.


    Conference Presentation (Within 3 years)    


    A study on effects of body image perception to nutrient intake and mental health of korean adolescents, The 21st International Epidemiological Association (IEA) World Congress of Epidemiology (WCE2017), 2017.


    Improvement of Mechanical and Water Vapor Permeability of yuba by Adding Plasticizers and Emulsifier, International Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologist/Food Expo. 2017.


    Lotus Seed Improves the Viscosity and Antioxidant Activity of Soy Juk, International Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologist/Food Expo. 2017.


    Relationship of Carbohydrate and Fat Intake in Korean Women with Metabolic Syndrome:
     The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2007-2014), International Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologist/Food Expo. 2017.


    Texture properties and health benefits of soy-based noodles, IUFOST, 2016.

    Water Vapor Permeability and Mechanical Properties of Yuba Influenced by Soymilk Depth and Concentration, IUFOST, 2016.


    Effect of Inulin and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) as Fat Replacers on Quality Characteristics of a Low-Fat Muffin, 한국식품과학회, 2016.


    Health benefits of soy-based gluten-free foods enhanced by processing methods, The 8th International Conference and Exhibition for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, 2015.

    Stability of modified low methoxyl pectin under simulated gastric conditions is greater than commercial methoxyl pectin, International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (Pacifichem), 2015


    Development of a protein and fiber enhanced jeungpyun with added okara, 한국식품과학회, 2015.

    Health benefit of soy-based noodle processed by two methods is superior to wheat noodle. Annual Conference & Exhibition-Functional foods, Nutraceuticals, Natural health products, and Dietary supplements. 2014

    Characterization and quality optimization of yuba as edible packaging films. International Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologist/Food Expo. 2014

    Stability of block charged pectin under simulated gastric conditions is greater than commerciallow methoxylpectin. International Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologist/Food Expo. 2014

    Effects of curdlan on the quality characteristics of tofu-noodle, Food structure and Functionality Forum Symposium : From Molecules to Functionality. 2014







    Book/ Chapter


    Kim, Y-K.; Wicker, L. 2006. Pectinmethylesterase modification to produce charge modified citrus pectin. In Advances in Biopolymers. Molecules, Clusters, Networks, Interactions; Fishman, M.L., Qi, P., Wicker, L. Eds.; American Chemical Society, ACS Symposium Series No 935, Chapter 15., 230-242.




  • Research

    1. 콩과 식이섬유를 이용한 건강기능성 소재 및 식품 개발

    본 연구실은 대두와 식이섬유 (HPMC, 변성 펙틴)를 이용한 건강기능식품(예를 들면, 콩빵, 콩면, 비지쿠키, 비지증편, 저지방 두부) 개발을 통해 항비만 건강기능성 제품을 개발하고 있다. 특히 일부 품목에 치우쳐 있는 대두가공식품의 품목 다양화를 꾀하는 한편, 국내 대두소비 촉진을 위한 연구를 지속적으로 진행하고 있다. 현재 대두유를 끓여 표면에 생기는 막을 걷어 생성된 유바를 이용한 식물성 가식성 필름(edible film) 개발 연구를 진행하고 있으며, 개발된 유바 필름을 기존의 육가공 내포장제로 적용 응용하는 연구를 진행하고 있다.


    1. Development of Health Functional Foods and Materials by Using Soybeans and Dietary Fiber

     In our laboratory, functional food products (such as, soy bread, soybean noodle, okara cookie, okara rice cake and low-fat tofu) for anti-obesity are being developed by using soybeans and dietary fiber (HPMC or modified pectin). Especially, our research has been consistently progressed to not only make an attempt at diversifying soybean processed products which is limited to some processed items but facilitate sustainable consumption of soybeans. Currently our research interests are mainly focused to developing edible film by using yuba (film skin on liquid surface) made from soybeans during the boiling of soy milk and applying these developed yuba film to existing casing of meat processed products.



    2. 식생활교육 프로그램 개발

    본 연구실은 2013년 11월 농림축산식품부가 지정한 식생활 교육기관 (제 31호)으로 식생활 교육과 관련된 연구활동을 담당하고 있다. 식생활교육 담당 전문가 (중고등학교 가정교사 포함)를 양성하는 워크샵 운영을 통해 식생활 지도시 필요한 교육내용과 방법을 지도하며, 식생활교육 박람회를 통해 아동 대상의 실험실습 식생활교육 프로그램을 운영하고 있다. 더불어  다가올 통일 및 다문화시대의 식생활변화에 대비한 식생활 교육 프로그램 개발에 관한 연구를 진행하고 있다.


    2. Development of Dietary Lifestyles Education Program

    Our laboratory designated as dietary education institution (No.31) by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) on November, 2013 is in charge of doing research on dietary lifestyles education. We give rational guidance as to education contents and ways of teaching dietary education and participate in Food Education Fair annually and help children attain full educational potential and good health by providing them with the experiment. In addition, we are actively doing research on developing dietary lifestyles education for preparing for eating pattern change with approaching reunification and multiculturalism age.

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